• Marginal fields are often ignored due to the complexity of production and difficult economic conditions for their development. Other concerns, like logistical constraints and nonexistent pipeline infrastructure, further complicate the situation. Despite these challenges, marginal fields can be made successful when developed by a smaller, more agile operator with intimate knowledge of the area. DeNovo Energy was one such operator.

    DeNovo set out to drill a three-well development campaign in the Iguana Field, a marginal field in the Gulf of Paria offshore the west coast of Trinidad. To do this, they turned to global offshore engineering expert Aquaterra Energy and their Sea Swift offshore platform concept, a conductor-supported platform ideal for shallow-water applications often found in marginal fields. The Sea Swift is a modular platform that is designed to be manufactured and installed extremely quickly whil reducing maintenance and well capital costs over the life time of the field. Additionally, the Sea Swift platform model enables installation activities to be performed by a standard jack-up rig, without the need for other installation vessels. In shallow-water development projects, the cost and efficiency benefits of rig-installable, conductor-supported platforms often far outweigh those of traditional platforms.

    We provided Aquaterra Energy with our XLC-S connector for the platform. The XLC-S was the right choice due to its enhanced structural strength and improved fatigue performance, as well as its resistance to corrosion and overall ease of installation. In addition, the connector's design eliminated the need for large-diameter forgings and welding costs, which was critical on this project for Aquaterra to economically deliver the platform in such a remarkably short timeframe—only 10 months.

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    Published Date: 2018-11-23
    Source: National Oilwell Varco