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    XL Systems, an NOV business unit within the Completion & Production Solutions segment, provides both integral and weld-on connectors in sizes ranging from 16 inches to 72 inches in diameter. Oil and gas applications include conductor strings, surface casing, liners, and caissons.?

    XL Systems is the sole provider of wedge thread technology for large bore pipe. Integral threads, those machined directly into the pipe body, provide the advantage of a true flush OD and a true flush ID. XL Systems offers the following integral, wedge thread connectors:??

    • XLF Connectors - ideal for slim hole surface casing and liner strings where connector sealability is critical; and
    • XLC-S Connectors - designed for strings where greater structural strength and fatigue performance are required;???

    In addition, XL Systems supplies connector products in which the threads are machined on high strength forging material and then welded to pipe. Product offerings include:?

    • XLW Connectors - a unique hybrid with a weld-on box and integral pin threads, combining the integrity of an integral wedge thread connector with the strength of a weld-on connector;?
    • XLW-GT Connectors - utilizing the same wedge threadform as XLW, the XLW-GT connection design includes an optimized, gas tight, internal metal seal machined on pin and box forgings; and
    • Viper Connectors - Viper is a high fatigue, fast make-up connector with a robust design suitable for the most demanding offshore applications.
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