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    Understanding and anticipating your needs pushes us forward. With a long history of manufacturing advanced drilling equipment packages, we're constantly working to solve your operational challenges. We build on what we know works, using our deep expertise to help you minimize risk, increase uptime and improve performance in drilling operations around the globe.?

    We're designing new technology and robotics that deliver increased automation. Building new fabrication facilities to shorten lead times. Expanding our training offerings to help our partners close the industry's generational gap. And developing smarter, more advanced drilling solutions for all types of land and offshore environments.?

    We're continually pushing our own standards higher to deliver the safest, most efficient, and most reliable drilling solutions in the world.

    Product Bulletins

    Product Bulletins are now accessible in our new customer portal access.nov.com. We encourage you to visit the new portal (access.nov.com) to test out the new functionality and welcome your feedback on any other ways we can improve our customers experience with us. You may view the Access/Product Bulletin Tutorial and introduction film here:
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    Check out the latest films and animations from NOV Rig Technologies on our new mobile app Go NOV.
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